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3rd race Hockenheim 6-7.06.09

29th September, 2009

33-ий этап Чемпионата Германии Formula 3 Cup прошел 06-07.06 в Хокенхайме.

В четверг перед гоночным уикендом команда Артлайн совместно с другими участниками провела тестовый день. Активная работа команды позволила настроить автомобиль на гонку (more…)

2nd race Nurburgring 22-23.05.09

27th August, 2009

2009-08-22-004After passed in previous target the races DTM on the same line in a covering was вкатано a lot of rubber from tyres that allowed to take place turns on большей speeds. On free training passed on Thursday Sergey Chukanov has shown the best time in offset of Trofi, and already through 10 mines after it all racers have left on the first control arrival. During replacement of wheels, on the car of our pilot the carving of the central nut of fastening of a back wheel and while breakage eliminated has broken, a lot of time has been lost, but nevertheless Sergey managed to pass 2 test circles and to show at first in the offset and 14 in the absolute.

Next day under a torrential rain for 30 minutes taken away for the second control arrival all pilots tried to adapt for a slippery line and to show fast time. First half of training Chukanov did not fall below 6th place in the general report of timing. After arrival on питлайн and pressure updatings in tyres our pilot has quickly left on a line, but at this time in several places there were yellow flags meaning an interdiction for improvement by pilots of time. Having passed some circles with delay, Sergey, having felt improvement of options has begun dispersal as soon as yellow flags were replaced with the green. (more…)